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Kisumu Beach Resort

Room Rates:



Room Only

B & B

Half Board*


Full  Board*




1,250 Kshs

20.00 USD

1,500 Kshs

24.00 USD

2,100 Kshs

32.00 USD

2,600 Kshs

40.00 USD




1,500 Kshs

24.00 USD

2,000 Kshs

32.00 USD

3,200 Kshs

48.00 USD

4,400 Kshs

64.00 USD



*Half Board – Includes room, breakfast and lunch or dinner

*Full Board – Includes room, breakfast, lunch and dinner


Camping Rates:


500 Kshs or 7.00 USD per person per Night.


Boat Hire:


3000 Kshs or 45.00 USD per hour (Max. capacity – Eight passenger)

5000 Kshs or 75.00 USD per hour (Max. capacity – Twenty passenger)


Special rates for children under 12 yrs age, large groups and long stays.


Above rates are inclusive of all taxes. Published rates are subjected to change without notice. Published rates of USD are subjected to change as per most current exchange rate at time of inquiry.

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